Studio photographs and work in progress
My Stidio in Norfolk UK Harry Rochat Press
The Rochat Press 2013 new casting
based on an 1854 Ullmer press
Preliminary drawing size A4. As can be seen below, nothing is traced. The sketch is reversed and redrawn on the lino.
Ink on a glass slab, blending colours
There are two lino blocks used. One of them is the Key Block (black) and the other is the Reduction Block used several times, cutting away more and more lino. A finished print is a combination of layers of ink and is in an edition of 50 prints. In this example case, there are four layers of ink comprising blended colours. The images below are from the linocut ‘Starlings and Poppies’ (Click to enlarge)
Stages in printing a linocut
Lino cutting tools
My Stidio in Norfolk UK
Design and drawing on lino. This is the Key Block and will be cut and printed in black. It is usually the block that is cut first, printed, and the print immediately put face down on the next blank block of lino. This offsets an image similar to the drawing above, and shows where the final black will print on top of the colours.
First printing. This is the colour Reduction Block which has had the black block image offset to create a ghost image of the final black on the colour block. The first printing has to be done on the entire edition as this printing block will be cut again and again.
Second printing. The colour block has been further cut and the poppies cut out. The sky area of the block has been completely cut off. An opaque green, shading to a brown has been printed.
Third printing. There is now very little left of the colour block and all that is printed are some extra details in shades of green. The white in these prints is the paper. Some artists use translucent inks but all these are opaque.
Final printing of ‘Starlings and Poppies’. The black Key Block brings the whole linocut together and gives it some depth. This is possibly the most difficult block to print as there is no room for error. Black is such a strong colour that the slightest unwanted mark can be seen.