Studio photographs and work in progress
My Stidio in Norfolk UK Harry Rochat Press
The Rochat Press 2013 new casting
based on an 1854 Ullmer press
Preliminary drawing on the lino
Preliminary drawing on the lino
Ink on a glass slab blending colours
Ink on a glass slab, blending colours
There are two lino blocks used. One of them is the Key Block (black) and the other is the Reduction Block used several times, cutting away more and more lino. A finished print is a combination of layers of ink and is usually in an edition of 45 prints. IN this case, there are four layers. The images below are from the linocut ‘Starlings and Poppies’ (Click to enlarge)
Stages in printing a linocut
Lino cutting tools
Lino cutting tools
My Stidio in Norfolk UK
Design and drawing on lino
First printing
Second printing
Third printing
Final printing ‘Starlings and Hares’