Along the Coast
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High and Dry
Sunset Chase
Tree Shadows
Seagulls on he Bay
Harvest Field
Back to the Quay
Hedge Crossing
Marsh Harrier
Snow Trees
Summer Evening
Sunflower Hives
Through the Trees
Waiting for the Tide
Churchyard Cat
Country Fox
Harbour at Low Tide
Snowdrop Doves
Seashore Lapwings
Deer in Woodland 445mm x 330mm
Partridge Scurry
Three Hares Running
Country Life
Light Shimmer
Ploughing the Furrows
Sea Shimmer
The Walk to the Lake
Taking Flight
Duckpond in the Snow
Starlings and Poppies
Sand Walking
Sunrise Chickens
Barn Owl Hunting
Hill Flight